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07718 283514 

About Sue Veszpremi 

Sue Veszpremi set up Weight Away after tackling her own weight loss issues and losing more than five stone. 


She writes: 
I believe I have personally found the answer to losing weight, but more importantly, have been able to keep the weight off after years of yo-yo dieting. 
I am passionate now about helping others to do the same, not through any diet supplements, miracle cures or diets that offer rapid weight loss, but through sensible healthy eating that recognise individuals’ life styles and food loves and hates. 
Losing weight is not only what you eat and drink but it can also be a battle in the mind and through coaching I can help people to understand the triggers that cause them to over eat or drink. More importantly I can help people to develop strategies to stop emotional eating. 

Whilst I believe my own journey and achievement is a testament to my approach I am also a fully qualified Nutritionist and Life Coach so have qualifications to reassure you I am able to help you. Diet and Nutrition Advisor Diploma, Personal Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and BSc in Psychology. 
Weight loss coaching is more than a job to me; it is my absolute passion. I know that if you really want to achieve your own ideal weight then anything is possible and nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this out for themselves. 
Losing weight after a life time battle with my weight has truly changed my life. 
“I now feel more confident and can enter a room without thinking that people are judging me for being overweight, which is how I always felt. 
“I have a wardrobe with clothes that fit rather than as before a wardrobe where only at best 20 per cent of the clothes that would fit me. 
“I have always loved holidays but never liked to see the photographs particularly those of me when I was sharing my passion for trips on my husband’s motorbike. I certainly feel better about all that now as you can see from these pictures which are further evidence of how far I have come. 
“My vision for Weight Away is to help others feel good about their weight.” 
Talk to me on 07718 283514. 
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